IMPORTANT: Future Open Days to the Public

Dear Customers,

Freshwater Fish Company has sold the Bruceville Farm location. Owner Gregg Leonard has been interested in consolidating his operations and recently the opportunity presented itself. The new owner of the Bruceville Farm will not be selling their fish to the public.

We are currently in the planning/development stage for new option to get our fish to customers and will let you know when we have a plan. We have always had a desire to promote aquaculture to the general public and now we hope to find a solution to allow our customers to continue being able to purchase fish and fish feed for their lakes, ponds and aquaponics systems.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We really appreciate the business you have given us over the years. It has been a pleasure meeting all of you.

Gregg, Kathy, and all the staff of Freshwater Fish Company



Freshwater Fish Co will continue it’s delivery of fish for pond and lake stocking in California.  Our minimum purchase starts at $1,000 (depending on your location) and a delivery charge of $3.50/mile one way.

Here is a list of the fish we generally have available for purchase.


* Largemouth bass (3-5 inch) $3.00
* Rainbow trout (3-4 inch) $2.00
* Bluegill (2-3 inch) $1.00
* Bluegill (4-6 inch) $3.00
* Redeared sunfish (2-3 inch) $1.00
* Channel catfish (3-5 inch) $2.00
* Hybrid carp (2-4 inch) $1.00
* Mosquitofish $0.10 each or 1,000/$100.00
(fish sizes are approximate)

* Catfish food (3#) $3.00
* Catfish food (44#) $35.00
* Bass/trout food (3#) $6.00
* Bass/trout food (50#) $50.00
(some bagged weights are approximate)

Fish for your pond and lake stocking needs!


bags of fishbags in ice chest