Raising Channel Catfish

Freshwater Fish Company strives to raise it’s own fish from eggs that have been harvested from brood stock on our farm as long as the parameters needed happen and mother nature cooperate!   Here is a brief synopsis of how we raise baby catfish.

Pairs of healthy channel catfish broodstock are put into a large pond with cans that will serve as an area for the females to lay their eggs.  The spawning season of channel catfish is usually during the months of April through June.  The eggs of channel catfish are quite large, very adhesive, and usually laid in a large egg mass. The number of eggs laid are in the thousands.

eggs in incubator resizedThe catfish eggs are gathered from the ponds and brought into the hatchery to incubate.  Conditions in the hatchery are more stable than the pond environment and generally have a better success rate of hatching to full maturity. Eggs hatch in 4-10 days. Young absorb their yolk sacs and begin swimming 3-4 days after hatching.  At that point, the young are brought back to the earthen ponds to grow in a natural environment.

catfish eggs with eyes resizedAfter yolk absorption occurs, young catfish will begin actively feed on zooplankton.  Eventually, they will be trained to accept an artificial diet in the form of high quality catfish formula.



Freshwater Fish Company sells channel catfish in a variety of sizes depending on the customer needs.  Young fish at the 1-4 inch size are perfect for ponds and lakes as well as aquaponic systems.

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