Are you Ready to Stock Your Pond?


Stocking a Pond in Northern California

Stocking private ponds is one of Freshwater Fish Company’s favorite things to do for our clients.  We get the opportunity to deliver beautiful fish that we have raised to ponds that landowners have taken the time to create and maintain for their pleasure.  We have stocked ponds from northern to southern California, and everyone we meet is so great to work with.  Our common bond is a love of fish and the desire to have a healthy thriving pond for many years to come.livermore photo 1

Sometimes we ask that you have some friends or family on-hand to help with the stocking process.  Things go smoothly and that means things go better for the fish!  After we stock a pond, the relationship with the client does not stop there.  We are always available to help with issues or questions that come up after the initial stocking is completed.  For a first time pond owner stocking with fish will undoubtedly bring uncertainty.  Ask away!  We are only an email question away!

livermore photo 10We value our customers and want them to be completely satisfied with the results of the pond stocking process.  We guarantee our fish and will work with you to find solutions if any issues arise.  Depending on your location and the number of fish you desire we can deliver them in one of fish trucks that are fitted with pure oxygen systems.  We would be glad to give you a quote.  Email us at

A special thank you to pond owner Jeffrey and his son Kane for the photos and great stocking job!

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