Fish for your Pond and Lake Stocking Needs and Fish for your Aquaponics Needs!

Freshwater Fish Company has fish for your pond, lake and aquaponics needs!  Our fish farms are located in the Central Valley of California and we provide services including stocking ponds, lakes and reservoirs throughout most of the state.

We open our Elk Grove farm to the public one day a month or so for small sales of fish.  We have staff available on those dates to consult with you on your individual needs! Go to our News and Events page for more information!

Customers can also pick up fish from us by special appointment on orders over $300. Email us with your order and we will set up a time for you to pick them up.

Variety of Fish for your Pond Stocking Needs

Fish we Raise for our Customers!

Freshwater Fish Company has over 200 acres of rearing facilities.  We raise a variety of fish including Largemouth bass, channel catfish, hybrid carp, bluegill, sturgeon, redeared sunfish, sturgeon and mosquitofish. Most of these species are ideal for pond and lake stocking projects. In addition, these fish also do well in aquaponics systems.  Check out our Pond and Lake Stocking page for more information.

Freshwater Fish Company can help you navigate your way through your pond stocking and lake stocking projects in California.  We are available to chat via email or phone as well as conduct on-site evaluations (fee) of your new or existing water bodies.  We can recommend fish stocking densities, fish food products, water quality products, aeration systems, and more! We can also assist you in the restoration of your pond and lake to ensure healthy fish populations. We will always be available after you obtain your fish from us to answer any questions and problem-solve any issues!  Just ask!

Why Choose Freshwater Fish Company?

Freshwater Fish Co. Harvesting CatfishIt is the goal of Freshwater Fish Company to provide the healthiest and strongest fish available for our clients.  These fish are fed the highest quality food available and are closely monitored by trained staff who live on the farms. Our fish do not grow in crowded conditions – they are given the space in our ponds to grow naturally.  It is not our policy to use antibiotics, hormones or pesticides on our farms.

With over 30 years of experience in the fish business you can be assured that Freshwater Fish Company will provide you with informed and expert information to use on your project.

bass fingerling

Who are our clients?

  • Private Landowners
  • Home Owners Associations
  • Aquaponics Gardeners
  • County and Municipal Recreation Lakes
  • Mosquito Vector Control Districts and Mosquito Districts
  • Other Fish Farms and Brokers
  • Fish Markets in Northern California     

Customer Testimonials:

Was nice visiting and meeting you all on Saturday, thanks for opening your facility to the public- very nice of you to help out us small time fish farmers – much appreciated! – Scott Y.

Your prices are very reasonable.  I wish you success. – Bob C.

Thanks to Freshwater Fish Company’s help in turning my bass pond into a more productive and fun place to fish… – Kyle L.

Just wanted to extend my thanks. Got my little fishies home and they’re now happily swimming in my pond. – Dawn P.

Your staff was amazing and all of our fish survived the 5 hour drive home!! Thanks again!!! – Rachelle R. 

Thanks for being open for the little guy. – Ken H.

Thanks a lot for having this day open to the public and helping to support independent aquaponic growers! I don’t know where I would get edible, local fish without you guys! –
Scott N.

Thank you for what you do for the aquaponics community. – Ren D.

We sure like using you for stocking our lake each year.  And you respond to our emails very quickly! – George P.


We do not ship fish