Got Mosquitofish?

We Do!

Who buys mosquitofish from us?

Mosquito Vector Control Districts

Our primary clients are Mosquito Vector Control Districts throughout California.  Mosquitofish picked up at our farm or delivered in our state-of-the-art transport trucks.  Because mosquitofish are an integral part of our pond systems they are generally available all-year round and can be harvested with a few days notice.   Please contact us for references from other Districts or if you have any questions about our mosquitofish. Contact us for bulk pricing.

Freshwater Fish Co weighing mosquitofish for Coachella MVCD

Private Landowners

Mosquitofish are an important resource to add to your pond for many reasons.  Besides the obvious reason of reducing the risk of West Nile Virus there are some other reasons you should have them. Mosquitofish do an effective job of cleaning up floating fish feed left behind by the larger fish in the pond. This is important for the health of your pond.  These fish also eat algae that can change the water quality and beauty of your pond. And… because they breed so readily in ponds or lakes, they become a great food source for the larger fish in your pond!

Are there cons to having mosquitofish?  Yes. They will often consume the larvae of other species in the same habitat rather than eating mosquito larvae, and in some areas important species could be impacted. Therefore, it is important that you do not release mosquitofish into streams, lakes or other natural bodies of water.

A resource for free mosquitofish is your local County Mosquito Vector Control District. They generally have a wealth of information on their websites regarding this fish.

Mosquitofish may be planted for purposes of mosquito control without obtaining a permit except for Inyo, Mono, San Bernardino, Riverside and Imperial counties.  In Inyo and Mono counties and in public waters of San Bernardino, Riverside and Imperial counties, mosquitofish may not be planted without the written concurrence of the Department of Fish and Wildlife.


Mosquitofish raised by Freshwater Fish Co

Aquaponics Systems

Mosquito larva can quickly find their way in their aquaponic systems.  Mosquitofish, which will reproduce at regular intervals, will keep these mosquitoes at bay as well as eat the algae that can grow in the system’s water.  And of course, they are a great food source for the bigger fish in your system.  A win-win situation!